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Say Good-bye to counting coins and Hello to Fresh Laundry Supercenter's LaundryCard

LaundryCard replaces all of the traditional coin mechanisms with networked card readers. Our customers can get a card from one of the X-Changer kiosks by inserting cash.  The value added to the card can then be used to start the desired machine. LaundryCard is more than just an alternative to coins. Fresh Laundry Supercenter  encourages our customers to return each week with our LaundryCard  Loyalty programs.

*Big Bill Bonus*

Our Big Bill Bonus awards our customers bonus dollars for adding value to their card. If you add $20 to your LaundryCard you will receive a $2 bonus.


Fresh Laundry has coupon programs that we use to thank our regular customers and to attract new business. Keep your eyes out for coupons or coupon codes through direct mail, coupon circulars, email, and on our social media pages. Simply bring the coupon/coupon code into the store and give it to the attendant. 

*Birthday Bonus*

Everyone loves to get gifts on their birthday!

Fresh Laundry Supercenter gives our customers a Birthday Bonus!  When our customers register their LaundryCard with the system and enter their birthdate the system will give a special birthday message and a bonus the next time they visit the store on or near their birthday. 

 Keep coming to Fresh Laundry Supercenter for all your laundry needs to ensure that you receive all the specials we offer.

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